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Ranch Investment

Investing in land is a fairly safe long-term alternative to mutual funds or bonds in this current volatile environment. Investing in a working ranch or guest ranch can be reasonably safe and provide some income and tax advantage as well recreation. A ranch not properly managed can be a money pit. It can be a great place to bring family and friends or be a source of frustration. Folks invest in rural areas to enjoy nature and a simpler way of life. They envision becoming a true Westerner and being part of the community. That does not always happen. Third and fourth generation ranchers believe in property rights and are open-mined. They will give a person the benefit of the doubt but only to a point. Over the years I have observed many out of state investors buy ranches in Montana and Wyoming and they seem to follow a pattern. They start out being good neighbors and enjoying western hospitality but soon seem to alienate themselves. A beautiful dream becomes an albatross. If they have excessively built the ranch up in their own vision, it is very hard to sell to someone else.

If you have recently invested in a ranch or are planning to I can help you avoid the usual pit falls. I will help you attain employees, machinery and livestock. Becoming part of the community will help you to live the lifestyle envisioned. I can help you build a ranch that is the envy of the neighborhood rather than the favorite gossip at the local coffee shop or pub.

I am not a realtor but I can help your realtor find you the kind of ranch you have in mind. Both the seller and the buyer’s agent stand to gain if you purchase a ranch so they may not be completely honest about the condition and stocking rate. I can give you an independent assessment and maybe save you some money and some buyer’s remorse.



A dry Wyoming spring
Bill and Ben at Flitner Ranch Wyoming

Your needs are key

  It is our goal to assist you to improve your ranch enterprise. Whether you are an established operator or are new to ranching, we can tailor our services to accomplish the specific goals you have set. The right consultant should cost you nothing. An effective consultant will creat value and profit for the ranch enterprise that far exceeds any fees paid, not to mention making the endeavor much more enjoyable. We will strive to make your operation a top-notch model of the industry.

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