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The concept of fractional ownership is not new. People have shared ownership in assists such as jets and yachts for quite some time. Vacation timeshare has also been around for quite a while. There are equity and non-equity timeshares. P. R. C.s or Private Resident Clubs are fairly new. Some are successful and some are not but they are all very expensive and hard to liquefy. Fractional ranch ownership is a little unique. We at I.R.M pioneered the concept about ten years ago and have implemented it successfully.

A fractional ranch is an actual working ranch or farm owned by a small group of investors. Each person or family owns an equal undivided interest in the ranch. As with a time share, each owner would have a set, but flexible time to enjoy the ranch. The amount of time and the initial cost would depend on the number of investors. This would not be an income property but rather would be a long term safe investment and a vacation destination. Shares can be sold according to by-laws put in place by the original investors. Maintenance, security and up-keep will be provided by I. R. M. at no cost to members.

There are many reasons to invest in a fractional ranch. We are all aware the world has become very volatile in the last few years. The stock market could collapse at any time. Municipal bonds don’t appreciate or pay much dividend. We all know of unscrupulous hedge fund managers. The money you think you have in the bank doesn’t really exist. Land is real and generally appreciates. Ranches are expensive for one person to buy and operate. A ranch that will support two to three hundred head of cattle (average size) will run about five million dollars.

A ranch is a great place to bring your family and friends. Rural settings are very safe. Kids can run and play on their own. They can ride horses, dirt bikes, hunt, fish, or go hiking. You can help with ranch work if you like. Your children will learn where food comes from and will create memories that will last a life time. Sharing one nice ranch home rather than sub-dividing and building several homes keeps agricultural land productive and environmentally sound.

If this sounds interesting to you, we will be happy to share more details.



Own an interest in a working cattle ranch and enjoy the freedom with your family.
Hunt and fish with your children
or buy a high rise timeshare and enjoy family time on the beach.
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